I want to invest in South Kent's long-term health and wellness today!

I understand that my donation for Building Maintenance and Renovations will help create a Health Hub that will serve our community today and into our strong future.

Donate today and be a vital part of this important endeavour. Your donation will help us make this a reality!

All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt. 

Interested in organizing a fundraising event? Email us at bmhfhealthhub@gmail.com.

You can donate in several ways:

By cheque to the Blenheim Medical Health Foundation. Mail to: Blenheim Medical Health Foundation, 2 Hyland Drive, Blenheim, ON N0P 1A0 or email us to arrange pick up at bmhfhealthhub@gmail.com

By e-transfer to bmhfhealthhub@gmail.com

To receive a tax receipt, please send an additional email to bmhfhealthhub@gmail.com with your contact information. We will email an e-receipt or will mail to a mailing address you provide.