We have a beautiful building in the centre of our community…

You can help make the new Blenheim Medical Health Hub a vital centre of our South Kent community.

This one-stop health care facility could offer you and your family:

  • Primary Care: Family Physicians & Nurse Practitioners
  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Laboratory Testing
  • X-ray & Ultrasound Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Chiropractic, Physio and RMT Services
  • Pharmacy

   …and more!

Located in the centre of Blenheim, at 2 Hyland Drive, this 26,000 sq. ft. facility features:

  • Easy accessibility from multiple entrance points
  • Extensive, free parking around the facility

What does a medical health hub mean for you in South Kent?

A sustainable, comprehensive health hub with modern facilities that will:

  • Better serve our growing community 
  • Attract & retain health care providers now & into our future
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You can help make it a reality sooner! 

The Blenheim Medical Health Foundation was created to address the lack of appropriate space for existing practitioners and to attract new family health care practitioners to our community.

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Keep up-to-date with the Blenheim Medical Health Foundation. Check back soon for information about this exciting endeavour in our very own community.

Invest in South Kent's long-term health and wellness today!