Chatham-Kent Faces Physician Shortage Amidst Retirements

Chatham-Kent has struggled to recruit and retain new physicians, which is concerning with a number of our key family physicians retiring in the next few years. 

Chatham-Kent needs 26 more family doctors to serve our population. At this time, 21,000 people are without a family physician – that’s about 20% of us. In Blenheim, we have five family physicians, with two under the age of 65.

The lack of appropriate space for existing practitioners to thrive and to attract new resident physicians, medical students, nursing students and other medical trainees to our community was identified as a major challenge to sustainability and recruitment.

The Blenheim Medical Health Foundation was created to provide solutions to address the critical shortage of health care in South Kent. 

Our goal now is to renovate and equip this great building, which will belong to the Foundation, with the Chatham Kent Family Health Team as the core tenants.

To make the Health Hub a reality we need your help.

Many local amenities in our South Kent community were made possible by donations from local foundations, Trusts, as well as corporations and individuals. All this makes Blenheim and South Kent a jewel amongst small town Ontario communities for charitable giving. It is our goal to operate the Health Hub in much the same way. 

Donors will be given Canada Revenue Agency income tax receipts.

We have received our CRA charitable number in the name of The Blenheim Medical Health Foundation.   

Please DONATE Today.

You can help keep the momentum going on developing this new Health Hub for Blenheim and area.

Invest in South Kent's long-term health and wellness today!